A memoir jam-packed with reportage, interesting characters, unexpected humor as well as grief and conflicting memories.– The Philadelphia Inquirer


A detective story framed as a memoir. The story's subplots reveal how memory often distorts the truth, and how family legend is often colored in the retelling.  The Detroit News


A rich examination of tenacity, history and the responsibility that we share for the past.” –

 The Minneapolis Star-Tribune


Elegant, well-researched, moving memoir.– The Jewish Week


This engaging and thought-provoking memoir brings us up to date and shows just how multi-layered the story truly is.”  – Moment Magazine 


Family secrets can be a real bitch: Once you get some answers, they usually lead to more questions and irresolvable ones at that.The Village Voice


A penetrating examination of the behavior of ordinary people in extraordinary times.” –The Jerusalem Post


Remarkable new book ... Endearingly self-aware.” – Philadelphia Weekly


A stirring story.” – The Jewish Week


Reveals a complex relationship ... combined with sorrows and complications.” – The Detroit Jewish News


Beautifully written, poignant memoir and coming-of-age story.” – The Cleveland Jewish News



A compelling picture of two families and two nations.” – Michigan Alumnus Magazine


 An identity quest, a fact check of family folklore and a daughter's charge to fix the problems of the past.” – The Forward

The tale of the two families goes beyond Einhorn's own history and represents two larger stories, those of the Jews and Poles during a pivotal point in history.” – The Michigan Daily


Erin Einhorn's detective work brings her back to unlock the secrets of the Polish house where her mother once lived. What a house! Teeming with conflict and history, it allures and frustrates those who try to bring it -- and Polish Jewish history -- into the 21st century. Pages in Between is a special story of Einhorn's quest to discover the past and find peace.” – Ann Kirschner, author of Sala's Gift: My Mother's Holocaust Story


Einhorn delicately and movingly interweaves the personal and the epic. Well-wrought, honest and even more ambiguous than most family histories.” – Kirkus Reviews


A moving account of one woman's brave journey as she confronts her mother's past in the cold reality of the present. Erin Einhorn has written a unique Holocaust story -- part testimony and part detective story.” – Martin Lemelman, author of Mendel's Daughter: A Memoir


Einhorn's earnestness serves her well in this beautifully told, genuinely inquisitive memoir.” – Publishers Weekly


An important and haunting work.” – Booklist


The Pages in Between uniquely underscores an old irony of history: when we set out to learn about others in the past, we end up learning more about our present selves.” – BookPage



An excellent look at the legacy left to those who were born to Holocaust survivors ... as Einhorn uncovers truths and resentments that her mother had never questioned and probably hoped to keep buried.” –  Many A Quaint and Curious Volume


An engrossing memoir ... I couldn't put this book down!... One of my all-time favorite books this year.” –  A lifetime of Books


A fascinating memoir, and Einhorn packs in so much.” – The Boston Bibliophile



An honest and revealing memoir.” – Books and Cooks



 Einhorn's story kept me reading long past my bedtime. I felt her confusion and frustration, exhilaration, grief and joy.” – Granny Sue's News and Reviews