Settling the Score, 2005


Erin Einhorn grew up begging her mother to tell her the remarkable story of how she survived World War II, thanks to a Polish woman named Honorata Skowronski, who risked her life. But her mother didn't like to talk about it. And somehow, her family didn't consider Honorata a hero. So Erin went to Poland, hoping to find the Skowronski family and reintroduce them to her mom. Things start well, with the kind of sweet, tearful reunion she hoped for. That is, until the family starts explaining that they need Erin's help to keep a 60-year-old promise that her grandfather made. Erin immediately agreed, but now after years of effort, thousands of dollars, and a trail of letters which uncovered a whole new side to the story, Erin is asking: How far do you go to repay this kind of debt? (38 minutes)



 Fake ID, 2002


Host Ira Glass talks with Erin Einhorn, a reporter for the Philadelphia Daily News, who went to Poland to find the Catholic family that had sheltered and saved her mother from the Nazi concentration camps during World War II. She found that in Krakow where she was living, in a country where Jewish populations had been vilified and then exterminated by the Nazis, Judaism was suddenly trendy. She talks about the possible reasons that, 50 years after Auschwitz, 10,000 Polish hipsters will now show up to see a Klezmer music concert. (23 minutes)